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On Hachanchuba Kõwi (Fountainebleau State Park)

The Jena band of Choctaw are our relatives, and we recognize and empathize and relate to the loss and destruction of sacred lands from the threat of capitalism, and the continuance of colonial breaches in contract or promises.

The area simply does not need development. That ranges from a resort, to any casino, to a racist statue. They are not needed, and, more than useless, they are a further contributor to climate change and land loss/erosion in the name of the ever elusive "profit."

Watch this recording of indigenous voices speaking for themselves on the proposed development of Hachanchuba Kõwi, or what colonizers call the Fountainebleau State Park, in so-called Mandeville, LA. https://www.facebook.com/389462407756241/videos/2690427574386606/?__xts__[0]=68.ARBSTt59wWKLmgihIYwaVDYEw_C5dI36w4LKSadJIQ4oNAjetEZD3Lw1JHkAWxumghd-EFnRBvYSqAj4sxCslp0Kvk5eZCRkvyDEjPC_dZXOtLsYZbw4r7EmgYFGakOSMiXdfLujd8Q6rXQ-FCCZ1WY-vu6Wxqrdk3BG95lR96Q8mKUu52ZEQVll4Ey1_N_gMxYDhhRDimOLWd2VHEQdSP9xrXtLOsL6hrBX9KGWx6VzjYqhvyYaXtWkQtyfO4JYL1Znc7N_9eHZqSoSlODr7uFVdFChuFHcHdCF-hhdYtSB93YxMqArPj_NG1Uh_sFjmW9H7B7Xv8QI34duXQTONydMmcpD&__tn__=H-R