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  • Ayeta

2020 Loup Garou Boat Parade Land Acknowledgement

-At the site of the so-called "Old Spanish Fort", Bvlbancha.

[Opening prayer/sentiment in the native Houma language. Not written here out of respect.]

That sentiment was in Uma, the native Houma language that we are bringing out of its long slumber. Yakuke for being here to listen and honor this site, which was, previous to colonization, the Houma village that would have welcomed people to Bulbancha from here, Bayou Choupic.

This land, and most of what is now called Louisiana, is unceded, stolen land. Indigenous nations treaties and lands here were to be honored from the purchase, and were not. We remember. This, Bulbancha, land of many languages (and Bulbancha includes the river, the atca, or the buk) was the land we traded on, danced on. We danced, elha pesnu tuk. That dancing never stopped, and it must never stop.

Respect native sovereignty. Respect the treaties, which are EVERYONE’S treaties, not just native treaties. Be accomplices to indigenous resistance. Bulbancha imoktabli- Defend Bulbancha!

Epa tcetu yat elha metca dalua! Let us sing and dance!

Video highlight reel of the parade: