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2018- The Year in Review

No updates will be made on our presence at actions due to new “critical infrastructure” felony law LA HB727- https://legiscan.com/LA/text/HB727/id/1769709


2017/Early 2018

Cancuba formed.


Buku Music + Art Project outreach table. Chalk board social experiment.

Houma Powwow table. Language and arts outreach. Coloring sheets for kids station. Medicines and soaps, and various arts for sale.


The GIVERS band (http://giversband.com/) performing at Festival International de Louisiane, featuring banner made by Cancuba members.


Crafted and donated the first print of the donated graphic design by 504whatstyle.com Steve Williams towards the Protect What You Love Benefit. (An evening of food, music, art and performances to support the L’eau Est La Vie Camp pipeline resistance camp and help stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.)


Tabled at a small Queer arts fair, did outreach about NoBBP and other indigenous efforts in Boston. (Queer Qarnival)


Uploaded first 2 Houma flashcard sets to website.


Indigenous Comic Con (NM) table. Handed out free info zines, talked people up about NoBBP efforts and indigenous experiences, networking. Sold art, beadwork from friends Nunaq Medicine, raised money for LELV camp boats. Did a couple interviews with Native media.


Holiday craft fair table at NAICOB in Boston. Sold some art, beadwork from friends Nunaq Medicine, networked. Talked about our Houma language and history book efforts.

Uploaded next 2 Houma flashcard sets to website.

Uploaded Houma botany/medicine knowledge PDFs and Houma Dictionary excel sheet to website.

Uploaded old Houma Talk CD to website.

Current Projects

Houma language flashcards

Houma history book reprinting efforts, specifically finding Native owned printing press at Indigenous Comic Con for the work.

Partnering with other indigenous artists to sell their work at craft fairs and returning the profit to them in full. Many of us struggle financially, and selling our arts is important to continuing the craft as well as eating/paying rent.

Cultural continuation and knowledge sharing.

Providing resources for other American natives to be able to help with our mission of cultural continuation. Example: buying language books and donating them to people involved in the Houma Language Project.

Writing and creating our own info zines and political and educational art zines and distributing them.